Bengals 2017 Draft Outlook

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So it has to be said. I’m not a fan of the Bengals, but put the pitchforks down because I feel that gives me a unique perspective on how to look at them. With that being said I always will have a soft spot for hometown teams…except for Xavier. Now here are who I think the Bengals should draft in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds.

Round 1:

LB Reuben Foster – Alabama

No shocker here pretty much everyone is thinking this for the Bengals, and I can’t say I disagree. Maualuga has overstayed his welcome a bit, and Dansby is just old. Burfict is good if he can get his head out of his ass and play football. At the very least the guy is playing linebacker at Alabama you can’t go wrong there.

Round 2:

G Dan Feeney – Indiana

I’m coming out of left field a bit here, but the Bengals really need help up front. Whitworth is really the only solid player on the O-line for the Bengals, and Feeney should really help a lot in the middle. This is especially true if Zeitler starts getting over payed in free agency, and the Bengals inevitably wouldn’t want to match.

Round 3:

DE Ryan Anderson – Alabama

This guy is an outright monster. The Bengals desperately need to move on from Michael Johnson who has lost a step or 10 over the past few seasons, and Anderson can easily move in and take his place. At the very least he can put up the same numbers Johnson did.

This is my take on what the Bengals should go for early in the draft. They have several more needs than just these so obviously this isn’t set in stone outside of the Foster pick. No joke everyone has the Bengals taking him. The Bengals are aging fast on defense though, and if they want to try and keep this window cracked they have to refresh. I think they have a shot with these 2 Alabama studs. You can’t go wrong on defense from the guys down South.

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