Mid-Season NBA Awards

I’m pretty sure everyone has talked about Russell Westbrook and the triple double race, but let’s look at more than the MVP award. I’m going to break down who I believe will be 1st Team All NBA in the East & West, the Defensive PoTY in each conference along with the winner, and the MVP from each conference along with the winner. So let’s get at it.

1st Team All NBA West

G Russell Westbrook OKC

G James Harden HOU

C DeMarcus Cousins SAC

F Kawhi Leonard SA

F Kevin Durant GS

Holy hell that is a lineup. It speaks volumes how loaded the West is when Steph Curry isn’t going to make the 1st team unless the NBA drops the center position…that’s not a joke I honestly wouldn’t put it past them. I always wanted the 1st team from each conference to play each other in a first to 30 game or something of that sort. That would be fun as hell.

1st Team All NBA East

G John Wall WAS

G Isaiah Thomas BOS

C Kevin Love CLE

F DeMar DeRozan TOR

F LeBron James CLE

I had to actually look people up to make this that is how bad the East is. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a bad lineup, but I named the Western in about 3 seconds while this took 5 minutes. Oh and the West would destroy this lineup in a first to 30 game.

Defensive PoTY West

Kawhi Leonard SA

This cat could very well win this award several more times throughout his career. He shuts down everyone he is matched up on, or at the very least makes them work for everything.

Defensive PoTY East

Andre Drummond DET

Don’t put too much stock into this we all know who is winning. Once again speaks to the terrible job the East has been doing recently with…you know….not sucking.

NBA Defensive PoTY

Kawhi Leonard SA


Eastern Conference MVP

LeBron James CLE


Western Conference MVP

Russell Westbrook OKC

The fact that OKC is even in playoff contention tells you everything you need to know about who should win the MVP this season. The Rockets would have been decent even without Harden. Without Westbrook this team would be unwatchable. They would be in the lottery easily.


Russell Westbrook OKC


I look forward to seeing Golden State against the Cavs yet again. Parity? HA! I laugh at your perceived notion of parity.


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