Projected Reds 2017 Batting Order

So Brian Price may not have a batting order yet, but I know I sure as hell do. This doesn’t seem like it should be too hard of a job, but Price has been known to make the easy things seem difficult at times. So let’s see if we can do the man’s job for him:

1. Billy Hamilton CF .260/.321/.664

Boy that was difficult. Billy started to really show shines of greatness last year, and hopefully he can continue that and avoid getting stuck in the 9 spot. I do think he needs to get the Willy Mays Hays treatment though. Every time he hits a ball in the air do 50 push ups.

2. José Peraza 2B .324/.352/.762

Talk about the light in the darkness of last season. This guy can flat out hit, and if Billy can consistently get on with Peraza and you-know-who coming next this could be a downright deadly top of the order. Losing BP will suck for the fans, but that just means they don’t know Peraza’s name yet.

3. Joey Votto 1B .326/.434/.985 <— !!!!

What did you expect? This man is one of the best hitters in baseball history. My only hope is that he will replicate that 2010 season one more time in his career. He very well could win the triple crown if he does.

4. Adam Duvall LF .247/.297/.795

My greatest fear is that Duvall is turning into Adam Dunn 2.0 without the walks. Hitting homers in nice and all, but if the average and walks aren’t there  while the Ks are then we have a problem.

5. Eugenio Suarez 3B .248/.317/.728

When this guy is on he is Joey Votto 2.0. When he is off though he looks totally lost at the plate. The good news is he is still only 25 so he has a lot of time to improve. Suarez really just needs to shadow Votto and try and learn everything he can from him. The man behind him may have better numbers, but I have a hunch we could see Suarez improve a lot this year.

6. Scott Schebler RF .265/.330/.762

Another guy that really showed flashes of what he can do last season. Replacing Bruce will be hard, but Schebler showed he is up to it with several clutch hits including an epic 3 run walk-off HR against the Cards.

7. Zack Cozart SS .252/.308/.732

No one on this team gives me a headache quite like Cozart. Sometimes at the plate he is just unreal and can do it all while other times he looks like Drew Stubbs. He’ll swing at anything, and Votto help you if there are men in scoring position when he comes up. A strikeout is virtually guaranteed.

8. Tucker Barnhart C .253/.323/.702

Unpopular opinion time, but I think it’s time to move on from Mesoroco. Barnhart really adds a nice twist with being a switch hitter on top of also being a lot better defensively than Mesoroco. Plus he is only 26 so he should only get better.

9. Pitcher’s spot/Billy’s doghouse

Couldn’t resist.

It has to be said that this lineup could really be a solid one for the Reds. Several players showed they have a lot of potential to be good players for the Reds for the foreseeable future. Lots of young players are in these spots, and they should only get better from here on out.

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