What the Hell Just Happened?

Wow. Who saw this one coming? It is only natural that I post a piece with the guy in it and he gets traded 5 min later. This kind of trade is something that just doesn’t happen too much in the NBA. Big names move every once in a while, but not these kinds of names. DeMarcus Cousins is a top 10 player in the NBA. Possibly even a top 5. He also just went to the Pelicans! THE PELICANS! They already have Anthony Davis so who would think they of all people would want Cousins? Well let’s take a look at who all got moved:

To Pelicans:

C DeMarcus Cousins  28/11/5

F Omri Cassipi 6/4/1

To Kings:

G Tyreke Evans 10/3/4

G Buddy Hield 9/3/1

G Langston Galloway 9/2/1

2017 1st Round Pick (top 3 protected)

2017 2nd Round Pick

Talk about an absolute fleecing by the Pelicans. This could go down as the absolute worst trade in Kings history. Let’s see some more reactions:

Winner: Isaiah Thomas

In all honesty though I don’t get why the Kings made this trade. Bill Simmons had another thought saying this:

And I agree with that completely. Something happened. Cousins socked a coach or had a complete meltdown. He even only played 2 minutes in the All Star Game. This was in the works even during the game. Not to mention that the Kings got a middle of the first round to late lottery at best pick. Not even the Kings are so inept as to take this trade without an unexpected outside influence.

The good news is that the Pelicans are recreating the twin towers that the Spurs had going on back in the late 90s – early 2000s. This front court is devastating, and Cousins should be able to get along with a fellow UK alumnus in Anthony Davis. Now where did I put that last tweet?

Found it, and it wouldn’t shock me a bit if that did happen.

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