Why Do You Do This To Me UC?

Ugh. This was a horrible loss. If you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t catch the end of the UC-UCF game then I envy you. UC dropped it 53-49, and had a chance to go into OT, but a missed uncontested alley-oop by Tre Scott made that go down in flames. Don’t blame Scott though. This game never should have even been close.

Let’s start with this. UCF’s basketball team is not exactly lighting the world on fire. They average 68 points a game, while shooting just 44 %. That is about as mediocre as you can get on offense. They win games on defense, and that too is UC’s specialty. Everyone knew this game was going to be low scoring, but UC won this game already. All they had to do is break 60 and they’d be fine. Instead UC just completely no-showed on offense. They shot 30% on offense. Pathetic. They indulged in their new bad habit of shooting too many 3’s yet again and shot an earth shattering 29% with them. Mick needs to forbid these guys from shooting threes unless they are outright wide open because not everyone on this damn team is Steph Curry.

We have 2 amazing inside big men in Gary Clark and Kyle Washington, and we need to let them bang it inside like we know they can. Gary should be averaging 15+ points a game. It’s criminal he doesn’t score that much. Washington too should be right next to him. His over the shoulder hooks and bunnies are impossible to stop.

The moral of the story is this: Replay this game in the film room. Damn near torture these guys with it. They have to do better. We know they can do better. They have to get back to playing tough inside with Clark and Washington, and maybe play a little inside-out game with the shooters. Establish your inside game, and when your opponent begins to key on the bigs have them kick back out to one of the guards for a 3 or a jumper. We have shooters, but as we have seen they just aren’t the snipers they think they are at times. Mick needs to remind them of that before it’s too late.

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