Bengals Free Agency So Far

It’s been an interesting first dabwAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry couldn’t keep a straight face. What a show this has been. It seemed like every 15 min. or so the Bengals or Browns made a deal, or in the Bengals case they didn’t.

T Andrew Whitworth

The Bengals completely ignored my post yesterday, and let Andrew Whitworth go to the Rams of all places. The deal is weird too. $12 mil. guaranteed in the first year then only $2.5 next year. Seems like a rental more than anything, but the Rams are the Rams and they aren’t going anywhere. A lot of Bengals fans are pissed.

G Kevin Zeitler

TAKE THAT! My Browns of all people made Zeitler the richest Guard in NFL history. He’s getting $31.5 mil. guaranteed. (60 total) over the next 5 years. Big pickup for a line that had lots of issues last season. This and bringing back Joel Bitonio ought to make Joe Thomas happy. At the rate things are going though the Bengals might have to start dummies at O-Line next season. A struggling O-line just lost its 2 best pieces. The Red Rocket is going to be a red puddle in 2017-18

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Well this is certainly a meh deal. Kirkpatrick improved last season, but he still isn’t exactly a great corner yet.. The Bengals did have to do something though I suppose since they just lost 2 big pieces earlier in the day. They may want to…oh I don’t know…re-sign Eric Winston since they need a line. This isn’t a horrible deal, but the Bengals suddenly have much bigger issues to address. Like not giving up 10 sacks every game., or losing more games than my Browns at this rate.

WR Brandon Lafell

Well this is something I guess. Lafell did pick things up late last season with injuries taking down A.J., and finished with 64 catches for 862 yds. This is a solid deal too for the Bengals at only 5 million a year. I always did think the Pats were a bit insane for letting him go. He should continue to bring solid veteran presence along with good numbers. Pretty good signing, it’s just too bad this is the only definitely good news so far.

Oh wait I’m a Browns fan. GREAT NEWS! AMAZING NEWS TODAY!



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