Someone Teach the NCAA Selection Committee Geography

The South bracket is playing in Sacramento! The West bracket is playing in Orlando! Genius right?


Arnold would like a word with you.

This has been a problem for March Madness every year it seems, and they continue to never fix it. Some teams get glorified home games, (Florida St. vs. FGCU this year) while others get shipped 3 times zones away for no reason at all (UC playing in Sacramento…while being in the SOUTH bracket.)

I have always thought that the brackets should be broken up like now, but actually have the teams play in their respective geographical region. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Wouldn’t that bring in more money as fans might actually travel? It would help everyone involved! Fans of the bigger schools and the smaller schools can make the trip therefore selling more tickets, while the TV companies won’t care because they want to show the NCAA Tourney. Of course playing closer to home will help the teams too since they won’t have horrible jet lag, therefore creating more competitive games.

The NCAA truly makes 0 sense at times, and yea this tournament will still be watched by tons of people, but the NCAA is still screwing schools for little to no reason at all.

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