Season in Review: UC Men’s Basketball

A Tough Draw

Well that sucked. I can’t say I am surprised since we played UCLA, but  UC losing in the 2nd round with this team hurts. It all goes back to the loss against SMU in the AAC Tourney though. We beat them and they get shipped out to Cali while we stay in Indy. Well let’s do this.


UC had their best offense under Cronin ever this season. Yea that isn’t saying much, but it’s still definitely noteworthy. I’ve been saying for years we need to get the offense going, or we aren’t going anywhere. Well UC won 30 games this season with a solid offense and their traditional tough defense. Now if only we had started Cumberland over Kevin Johnson.

Things weren’t always pretty though. This UC team for reasons I doubt I will ever understand loved to jack up an insane number of 3’s. They at times would just wonder down the court, make a pass, and jack up a 3 just 5 or so seconds into a shot clock. You aren’t Steph Curry! You have Gary Clark and Kyle Washington down low. They have to get a touch and see if they can post someone up and hammer that ball inside. UC loves to preach toughness. Establish the inside game first then work inside-out. Then we had games like the UCF ones where no one could hit a shot if their life depended on it. UC had lots of issues against zone defenses this year, and it’s something Cronin and company really need to work on.

It will be interesting to see what UC can do next season on offense. Evans, Washington, and Clark should all be returning along with Cumberland starting. If Cronin spends some more time with Notre Dame’s coach Mike Brey this offense might really be scary. I also don’t expect SMU to have another epic year like they did this season. UC will have a ton of vets next season, and they should be able to take the AAC crown. This was a disappointing finish, but the NCAA has proven time and again they are dumbasses. Remember, this is the same organization that hasn’t expanded the football tourney to 8 teams yet. You can’t expect too much from them.



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