Reds Drop Opening Day Game Against Phillies

The Reds had a rough Opening Day to say the least. The big 2 items to hit upon though are definitely Scott Feldman and hitting with RiSP.

Feldman had a rough start as he gave up a lead-off homerun to Cesar Hernandez, and apparently thought he was Randy Johnson as he kept attacking with a 92 MPH fastball. He would quickly give up a RBI double to Michael Saunders on what might have been the fattest pitch Saunders has ever seen. Feldman would finally settle down after he figured out how to place his curveball, but the first inning was ugly. I was admittedly pretty hard on Feldman in the first, but I do hope he can pull things together. He has shown in the past to be a decent pitcher.

The biggest issue though was the horrible at bats the Reds turned in with men on. Cozart especially had a terrible at bat against Hellickson where Hellickson couldn’t find the strike zone. He broke out his driver and tried to golf an ankle high ball and it turned out to just be a lazy pop out to left. The Reds even managed just a single run off bases loaded with no one out in the 3rd with the top of the order coming up with those men on. The Reds were hacking early and often anytime men got on, and they payed for it. In the end they did end up with 9 hits, but they have to move those guys around and bring them home. What I saw today gave me Dusty Baker era flashbacks, and I’ve been trying to suppress those memories for a while.

Please Reds…don’t make me re-live those memories.

Final Score:

Phillies 4 Reds 3

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