2017 NL Central Projection

With Opening Day in the books it’s time to check the results and guess where everyone is going to end up in one of the most loaded divisions in baseball. The NL Central always is tough, but this year could be even more so. Let’s start from the top:

1. Chicago Cubs

Projected W/L: 104-58

It should be criminal to have a roster as loaded as the Cubs do, but Theo and co. have done it. When he got canned by the Red Sox I said the Reds should try and grab him, but of course the Cubs did. Yea… the Cubs have it in the bag barring an asteroid hitting Wrigley.

2. St. Louis Cardinals

Projected W/L: 88-74

The Cardinals made a few upgrades after last season, but their roster still doesn’t stand too much of a chance against the Cubs. They will be good (they always are), but not good enough to take first place.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates

Projected W/L: 81-81

The Pirates had a wide open window a few years ago, but it has closed quick. They have loads of talent on offense, but their starting pitching has collapsed in the past year or so. They will have a solid bullpen, but the starters just aren’t there outside of Cole and Nova.

4. Cincinnati Reds

Projected W/L: 77-85

The Reds have the youngest roster in the MLB, and it will show at times. They also I believe have a future All-Star in Peraza who is looking for a breakout year to go along with Billy Hamilton who by now should have a huge chip on his shoulder. The offense should be dangerous, the bullpen much improved, but will the young starters show what they can do? I think we will see flashes, but this is the MLB after all.

5. Milwaukee Brewers

Projected W/L: 70-92

The Brewers are going to come close to trading places with the Reds this season. They no longer have Lucroy, and that is going to hurt big time. They have a couple good young players in the field, but that isn’t going to help their non existent starting pitching. I think this projection could end up being on the optimistic side of things for the Brewers.


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