Jeff’s First 12 Picks of the NFL Draft

So with every person with a slight interest in the NFL Draft putting in their 2 cents I figured at the last second I would too. Why only 12 picks? Because after the Browns pick I honestly don’t care enough to guess who everyone else will pick, and if the Browns trade they are dumb asses. Which brings me to say I’m not predicting trades even though 1 or 2 may happen. Let’s begin:

1. Myles Garret DE to Browns

Yea this kid is too big of an athletic freak to pass up. Even if he ends up being a disappointment of some kind at least the Browns can say they tried something different.

2.  Jamal Adams S to 49ers

If there is a team that needs everything, it’s the 49ers. This organization is in shambles, and if there was a team that could trade back it’s these guys. If they stay, there are a number of players these guys could take since they need help everywhere. Adams looks like the safest bet to be great though, so I think they go here.

3. Solomon Thomas DE to Bears

Another team that needs help everywhere, but more so on defense. This draft is stacked with pass rushers, and I think this is where the Bears go.

4. Leonard Fournette RB to Jaguars

Rumors have been swirling about the Jags trading out, but I honestly think they’d be insane to. The Jags are still just a couple pieces away from being contenders in the shit show that is the AFC South. They need a RB to help Bortles, and this is the man for the job.

5. Mike Williams WR to Titans

Another pick that could end up being traded, but again the Titans I believe should go for it. The AFC South still sucks, and Mariota is just a WR or 2 away from being great. Williams made some unreal plays against Alabama in the Title Game, so he has played against some of the best defenders in college. Easily I believe the best receiver in the draft.

6. Deshaun Watson QB to Jets

I’m so sorry Deshaun, but the Jets need a QB. Another organization that has a lot of holes, and you very well may represent the biggest need they have. Good luck bud, you’ll need it.

7. Garret Bolles T to Chargers

Poor Phillip Rivers. He is great year in and out, but not last season. The Chargers need help on the line, and unfortunately this looks like a thin year on the O-Line. They also need receivers, so John Ross or Corey Davis could be super reached for here. The Chargers are going to have a rough time in this draft with their needs, so a trade back could work here too. This will be a pick to watch.

8. Christian McCaffrey RB to Panthers

If Fournette is off the board this is where these guys will go. The Panthers were pretty shaky at RB when they were good, and last year was the year they fell apart. When Fozzy Whittaker is your #2 back…you’re gonna have a bad time.

9. Reuben Foster LB to Bengals

Mr. Diluted Sample wasn’t invited to the draft, but if anything this solidifies the Bengals taking him. The Bengals love their players who have been in trouble, and they desperately need a LB. A match made in Heaven.

10. Corey Davis WR to Bills

A bit of a reach, but the Bills badly need to help Tyrod Taylor. Sammy Watkins is great when he isn’t hurt, but the man I’m pretty sure breaks both of his legs when he wakes up and gets out of bed in the morning. Yes that was a Spongebob Squarepants reference in a Mock Draft.

11. Marshon Lattimore CB to Saints

With Malcom Butler more than likely staying home with the Patriots the Saints really need some help on defense. They have one of the worst defenses ever for a while now, and with the talent of this draft on that side of the ball you can’t go wrong.

Ah yes the moment everyone has been waiting for…

Are you ready?






Ok here we go…


12. Malik Hooker S to Browns

GOT YA. The Browns really need help in the secondary, and while it wouldn’t shock me if take a QB at this pick I really think Hooker if he is here is the way to go.

This draft is going to be a crapshoot to be honest. Whenever defensive players are the top players in the NFL draft there is no way of knowing what will happen. I’m sure I will be wrong on some of these picks, but oh well so will the paid professionals. Happy drafting everyone!

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