Winners & Losers of the 1st Round of the Draft

Wow. I can’t remember another first round of the draft quite like this one. This was the first time I couldn’t take my eyes off of the TV during a NFL draft. GMs losing their minds, Philly booing Goodell, it was awesome. So let’s see who won and lost in the first round.

Big Winner: 49ers

John Lynch needs to be arrested, because he just robbed the Chicago Bears. To move up one spot, he made the Bears do this:

Bears fleeced
Credit to some person on the internet

Then they did this:

Credit to Getty Images

The 49ers were never going to take this kid. I have no clue how Lynch did it. Just one spot, that’s all the Bears moved up. They couldn’t wait one damn pick.

The 49ers also landed Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. Two of the best players in the draft. John Lynch definitely knows what he is doing.

Big Winner #2: Browns

The Browns kept their head on straight and took Garrett #1 overall, and also traded back with the Texans. The Texans ended up sending their 1st & 2nd rd picks from next year’s draft (a loaded one). The Browns took Jabril Peppers and also traded back in to take David Njoku. If the Browns had taken Reuben Foster instead of Peppers I would be a little happier, but the Peppers pick is definitely interesting. Hue Jackson is a mad scientist, and this pick has him written all over it. Wouldn’t shock me to see Peppers play some RB and Safety. The Njoku pick isn’t bad either since the Browns need weapons, and Kessler/Osweiler need people to throw the ball to. Also paging Mel Kiper, while your speech defending Garrett was cool, THE BROWNS WERE NEVER TAKING A QB. They have Kessler and traded for Osweiler. If they take a QB it’s gonna be next year where the class is much deeper, and the first QB taken isn’t going to have an 8-5 record as a starter.

Big Loser: Da Bears

No one saw this coming. The Bears of all people trading up a single place just for Trubisky. If this kid doesn’t end up being the next Brady then this is a bad pick, and he won’t be the next Brady. He doesn’t have the weapons around him, he doesn’t have a defense, and he probably doesn’t have the coaches. This was a bad pick not just because the kid is unproven, but because the Bears have much bigger issues than QB. This defense the Bears have is probably going to be in the bottom 5 of the league this season. This is one of the worst picks I have seen in recent memory, and it wasn’t by the Browns.

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