Jeff’s First 5 Picks of the 2017 NBA Draft

Wow, first blog post in a while I know. I’ve been busy working on a website and working at the bowling alley so I guess I just forgot about this place for a while. Do not fret though as the NBA Draft is upon us and Lord only knows this is going to be 50x as entertaining as the playoffs were. Let’s begin this mess with the obvious #1 pick…


#1 76ers Lonzo Ball (G/UCLA)

Oh God…please….please let this happen. I will be a NBA fan for life if this happens. It probably won’t though.

#1 76ers Markelle Fultz (G/Washington)

Everyone loves this Fultz kid, and everyone has him going #1. He did do some great things for an otherwise mediocre Washington team, but I’m not 100% sure he is the killer point guard that the 76ers need. He seems more like a Kyrie Irving, or in other words a shooting guard playing point guard. If he plays SG then I think he will be killer, but PG? Time will tell.

#2 Lakers Lonzo Ball (G/UCLA)

Yea this is going to happen I’m sure of it. Unless my pipe dream happens there is no way the Lakers pass this kid up. Ball definitely looks to be a possible Jason Kid or Steve Nash type of PG that can be a floor general and make everyone around him better. Add on Magic being able to show him a few things and this kid could be great.

#3 Celtics Jayson Tatum (SF/Duke)

The draft starts here ladies and gentlemen unless of course things get nuts with Ball going first. Josh Jackson could go here, but I think Ainge is going to be a little disappointed he didn’t work out for them. Tatum looks like one of the most dynamic offensive players in this draft, and the Celtics desperately need another big time scorer. Tatum fits perfect here…unless the Celtics trade this for Jimmy Butler.

#4 Suns Josh Jackson (SF/Kansas)

Ha. Having this pick is just a formality really. There is no way this pick stays with the Suns. It’s not totally out of the realm of possibility, but if there is a pick that is getting traded it’s this one. ESPECIALLY IF TATUM IS TAKEN BY THE CELTICS. This is where this draft is going to get turned on its head.

#5 Kings De’Aaron Fox (PG/Kentucky)

Don’t be shocked if this pick gets traded too. The Spurs are looking to trade up along with a few other teams, and the Kings need lots of pieces. Fox definitely has shown great ability, and when in doubt take the top UK kid. Seriously the best players on Cal’s teams are usually really good.

These are my first 5 picks of the NBA Draft, but really who knows how this is going to fall? After #1 and #2 anything could happen this year. This draft is going to be one to remember for a long time, and not just because of the players being taken.


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