The End of an Era in Cleveland?

Wow. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say, “Who saw this coming?” Kyrie apparently went straight to Dan Gilbert with the request last week, and said he wants a bigger role on another team.

Lebron understandably had no clue this was coming, and this could mean really bad things for the Cavaliers. LeBron could do 1 of 2 things here:

1. Force the Trade for Carmelo

What better way to stick it to Kyrie then to try and get Carmelo for him? This is a trade I believe the Knicks would make too. This essentially resets them and they can finally get rid of Carmelo. The one issue here though is that unless they get a decent guard back then they are stuck. Deron Williams is no way near Kyrie’s level, and even if the Cavs sign Derrick Rose he can’t shoot 3’s at all.

2. Hello LA

This could really accelerate LeBron leaving the Cavaliers. It would be weird, it would be awkward as all hell, but if Kyrie leaves and the Cavs don’t get someone LeBron likes… I think LeBron leaves again and goes to the Lakers.

3. The So Insane it Kinda Makes Sense Idea


Kyrie Irving G/CLE


Dennis Schroder G/ATL

Ersan Ilyasova F/ATL


1st Rd. Pick 2018

Cavs 1st Rd. Pick 2019

The chances of this happening are slim, but the Hawks have done business with the Cavs in the past. Schroder is definitely not a bad guard, and Ilyasova is great for off the bench offense. This combined with the Cavs signing Derrick Rose definitely makes them deep if not the big 3 juggernaut they were. They won’t be able to replace Kyrie though, and there will definitely be a dip in the upcoming season no matter who they trade him for.


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