It’s Time For An 8 Team College Football Playoff

I think we saw this one coming for a mile away. Alabama getting into the college football playoff as the 3rd place team in their conference was a damn tragedy in of itself, but them playing for the National Championship is just laughable. It’s time for the playoff to expand to 8 teams, and be how it always should have been from the very start.

The fix to this current broken playoff system is so easy an Alabama fan could even think of it. We have 8 spots, the 5 power conference champions get in, the top ranked team from the group of 5 conferences get in, and 2 at large teams get in. The seeding would be the only tricky part, and I honestly can’t believe I am typing these words, but this would be the perfect time to bring back the computers. Drop the committee. These asshats have already shown they are no better than the computers by putting Alabama in this year’s playoff. The BCS computers already put us through that once in 2012, so why keep them? Use statistics like SoS, RPI (football’s equivalent that is), offense and defense stats, and so on and so forth.

So I have gone through the rankings and put in who I believe should have been the top 8 if this system were in use this year, and tell me this wouldn’t have been 10000x better and more entertaining:

  1. Georgia 13-1
  2. Oklahoma 12-2
  3. Clemson 12-2
  4. Ohio State 12-2
  5. UCF 13-0
  6. Alabama 12-1
  7. Penn State 11-2
  8. USC 11-3

You are lying to yourself if you don’t want to see Oklahoma take on Penn State, or if UCF could take down OSU. Hell, it’d be hilarious to see Georgia absolutely destroy an inflated USC since the Pac 12 was complete garbage this season.

There’s no way anyone can defend another SEC only National Championship. It was a complete joke when the computers did it, and it’s even worse now. The 2012 National Championship was the reason the BCS was done away with, and now we can only hope the 2018 one can make the NCAA expand the playoff system. This cluster was going to happen sooner or later, and the NCAA were the only ones who didn’t know it.

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