It’s Time For Bengals Fans To Revolt

So after many reports saying Marvin Lewis won’t return, take a wild guess who got a 2 year extension as the Bengals’ coach. I am admittedly not a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, but seeing as I live in Cincinnati I do pull for them when they aren’t facing my Browns. With all that being said, Bengals fans deserve a much better coach than Marvin Lewis, and deserve a MUCH better owner than Mike Brown.

Mike Brown I believe just took the ‘Worst Owner In Pro Sports’ crown from Dan Snyder by giving Marvin this extension. Ask any Bengals fan on the street and 99 out of 100 times they will want Marvin Lewis gone. Marvin is the coach who will beat who he is supposed to beat, but as soon as he faces a good coach? They mop the floor with his ass.  A famous man once said, “Only three things in life are certain, death, taxes, and Marvin Lewis burning 3 time outs in the first quarter.”

Marvin’s teams, to put it lightly, are very undisciplined. The hit by Burfict on Antonio Brown with a playoff game in hand is the poster child for this. What made that situation even worse though, was when right after that hit Adam Jones got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. All this led to the Steelers winning with a field goal, and the Bengals being stuck with one of the biggest playoff meltdowns of all time. It is important to note too that Roethlisberger couldn’t throw a ball farther than 10 yards during that drive.

The Bengals and Steelers rivalry in the past few years hasn’t gotten a bit ugly though hasn’t it? From fans chucking beer cans at an injured Big Ben to Burfict injuring Le’veon Bell on more than one occasion, these games are where the Marvin Lewis coached Bengals start to show their true colors. The most recent match up of the 2 teams was barely even a football game. Jon Gruden even criticized the game live on air for basically just being 2 teams trying to kill each other. It’s painfully obvious Marvin doesn’t even try to coach discipline or composure. Hell, he even admitted in a recent press conference he isn’t responsible for motivating his players. Comments like that make me wonder, what does Mike Brown see in this guy?

Mike Brown is a dumb ass. I’m not beating around the bush, the guy seriously has no clue what he is doing. Take a random Bengals fan from that concrete monstrosity of a stadium (That Mike Brown basically forced the taxpayers to fund) and I am 100% convinced they would do a better job of running the team. Mike Brown like Jerry Jones of the Cowboys, in addition to being the owner, is also his team’s GM. If it wasn’t for Marvin Lewis’s 1 big strength in player scouting, I can’t imagine how bad the Bengals would be. They would probably be worse than or equal to my Browns.

It’s time for Bengals fans to take a stand. The only way Mike Brown will even begin to listen is when his wallet begins to hurt. Even then he could end up just trying to move the team again, but it would be worth it. Then everyone would know how big of a scumbag he really is. No more merchandise, no more going to games,  and no more watching or even listening to games. Enough is enough. The ultimate goal is to force Mike to show his hand, or force him to sell. Bringing Marvin back shows the gauntlet has been thrown. Now it’s time for the fans to make their move.

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