Bengals 2018 Draft Outlook

With the NFL Draft a little over a month away it’s about high time I get digging through things and see who the Bengals should take this year in the draft. I know with the return of Marvin Lewis the Bengals’ front office have officially reached meme levels of terrible (us Browns fans welcome you), but you never know with this team. The Bengals have shown they still have a decent roster, and with the right moves they could be a playoff team. Here are my 5 players the Bengals should draft:

1. A New Owner

Yea alright that was too easy. For real this time.

1st Round: Mike McGlinchey, OT, ND

This could be a bit of a reach at the number 12 pick in the Draft, but the Bengals desperately need a new offensive lineman. McGlinchey is the best player at a position without much depth in today’s NFL. A quality lineman is a must for the Bengals either in free agency or the Draft.

2nd Round: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

Wide out is a thin position in the draft this season, so Sutton may not be around by the time #46 comes up, but if he is? This guy is a physical freak of nature, and the Bengals desperately need another consistent receiver for Dalton to throw to. John Ross was injured most of last season, and even if he wasn’t? I just don’t think the speedy deep threat was what the Bengals needed.

3rd Round: Rasheem Green, DT/DE, USC

The dumpster fire that was the Bengals’ pass rush last season desperately needs an upgrade, and with Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap on the final year of their contracts this need is right up there with the others. Green is unique player due to his ability to play either tackle or end, and put up big numbers both of his years starting. If he slides a hair the Bengals should make this pick.

4th Round: Tony Adams, C, NC State

As the 2017 season went forward it became more and more clear that the Bengals’ O-Line was as god awful as everyone knew it would be. Adams has the potential to be a bit of a sleeper pick that could bust out in the mid to late rounds. Another lineman couldn’t hurt this team.

5th Round: Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin

With Tylet Eifert breaking every bone in his body when he steps out of bed in the morning it’s high time to pick up a replacement. Troy Fumagalli did suffer an injury to his leg during his final year at Wisconsin, but put up solid numbers anyway. He also has good size and can help in the running game. Look for the Bengals to finally address the Eifert in the room.

These are my picks for the Bengals this season. I tried to make sure I addressed the team’s biggest needs, which means the Bengals will take none of these players. I apologize ahead of time Bengals fans.



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