Who Will Manage the Reds Next?

It finally happened. Just when we all thought it might not. It only took a 19 inning scoreless streak and the worst start in 87 years for Bryan Price to be fired. Everyone is taking guesses at who the next manager of the Reds will be, so I figured I might as well get in on the action and shed light on some of the popular choices, and a couple dark horses.


Barry Larkin

I actually have seen many people cool down on Larkin since Price got fired this morning. Many people are scared of the Reds fan base potentially turning on possibly the most beloved Red of all time. I do think it will be a tough first few years for the old captain if he does get the job, but if he gets even a little bit of help from the front office? I think he can definitely bring us to the promised land. Not very many more people have a higher baseball IQ than Barry Larkin.


John Farrell

He may not always appear to be one of the nicer guys in baseball, but the hiring of John Farrell as a scout by Dick Williams did 2 things: It put Bryan Price on the hot seat from day one, and it put a high level replacement on the payroll. Farrell took the Red Sox from worst to first in 2013, and took them to the playoffs another 2 times. If he isn’t hired as the Reds manager, he definitely should be the new manager’s pitching coach.


Joe Girardi

This is a name that has popped up a lot recently, and I won’t lie, I would be stoked if it happened. The problem being I don’t believe Girardi would manage anyone besides the Yankees. He is a hardcore Yankees loyalist, and it would take serious cash to even get him to consider coming here. This is the definition of a long shot.

Cincinnati Reds Photo Day

Corky Miller

The longshot of all longshots, but a name I’m surprised hasn’t circulated more. Corky has all the makings of a future manager, and while he played he showed a love of the game that no one else could match. I think he definitely will manage one day, and would be the perfect bench coach for the next Reds manager if it isn’t him.


Paul O’Neil

The Reds made one of their worst mistakes ever in letting him go, and now it’s time to bring him back. Paul is up there with Barry to be my #1 pick of all ex-Reds players to manage. He has a deep baseball IQ and a never-say-die attitude that would definitely rub off on to his players. He could make a scrappy young team into world beaters in a season’s time.

I think any of these candidates could turn the Reds into winners if they are given a halfway decent roster. The biggest thing this Reds fanbase needs to learn though is patients. You can’t run a guy out of town after a year or 2. No matter who is hired, they will all need a year or 2 at least to right the ship. Unless John Farrell turns every player on this roster into a god like he did in 2013. Then we will worship the ground he walks on.

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