Jeff’s First 12 Picks of the 2018 NFL Draft

We are just a day out from this year’s NFL Draft, and my Browns have 2 more top picks. It’s time to make myself feel smart again and make some picks. This is a big QB heavy draft, so there could be some chaos like what the Bears did last year. Let’s get to it though with what should be the easiest #1 pick of all time:

1. Saquon Barkley RB to Browns

The Browns made the right pick last year when they took Garrett, and I believe they will make it 2 for 2. This guy is way too good to pass up, and that’s even with the stigma surrounding RBs and taking them high in the draft. The Browns can’t pass up on Barkley.

2. Sam Darnold QB to Giants

The Giants ideally would want Barkley since they haven’t had a starting caliber running back since Rashad Jennings, but if the Browns take Barkley it will force them to go to their next need. Any of the big 4 QBs could go here, but I think it will be Darnold first.

3. Baker Mayfield QB to Jets

The Jets desperately need a QB, and Baker I believe is the best talent in the draft. I think he has all the potential in the world to become a great QB, and the Jets are apparently very high on him. This is where he goes if the Browns and Giants pass on him.

4. Bradley Chubb DE to Browns

Want to win in the NFL? Win the battle up front. The Browns could very well build the next Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney combo up front with this pick. Tyrod Taylor is a very suitable QB, and I believe the Browns will wait on a QB until the 2nd or 3rd round if they take one at all.

5. Josh Allen QB to Broncos

If a pick gets traded it will be this one, but I also believe John Elway wants his next big QB. Allen has played in the cold weather and has a big arm, and I think that’s exactly what Elway is looking for.

6. Quenton Nelson G to Colts

The Colts’ biggest issue since they took Andrew Luck has been the O-Line, and Nelson is the best lineman in the draft. If they want Andrew Luck to play again, this is the pick to make.

7. Minkah Fitzpatrick S to Buccaneers

If you need defense, take the Alabama kid. That has been my motto for several years when it comes to the draft. It hasn’t let me down too many times yet, so I’ll keep rolling with it. This could also be a trade spot if Rosen or Allen are still on the board.

8. Denzel Ward CB to Bears

The Bears defense still could use some more weapons, and CB is probably their biggest need now. This is a surefire pick outside of the big trade up by the Cardinals, Bills, or Dolphins.

9. Mike Mcglinchey OT to 49ers

The 49ers appear to have their QB in Garoppolo, so now they need to keep him upright. Mcglinchey is the next best lineman in the draft for sure, and should help this line out a ton.

10. Roquan Smith LB to Raiders

The Raiders had a rough year last year, and who better to fix the defensive problems than a big SEC LB? This could also be a big landing spot for Fitzpatrick as well.

11. Josh Rosen QB to Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill is coming off a torn ACL, and Jay Cutler still is Jay Cutler. The Dolphins need a QB bad. The big arm of Rosen would be a big help in a now wide open 3 team AFC East (you know what I mean).

12. Mason Rudolph QB to Bills

The Bills are the most likely team to crash the party in a trade up scenario, so this pick is mostly for posture. They have a big hole to fill at QB, and if in some wild scenario they don’t trade up then this will probably be their pick.

This is going to be a wild first round of the draft this year. Many teams are looking for their QB, and there are 4 or 5 big ones that will go in the top half of the first round. I know what you’re asking though. Where is the Bengals pick? Ugh, fine I’ll do the Bengals pick.

21. James Daniels C to Bengals

If the Bengals don’t take an offensive lineman then the fans need to burn down PBS. Ok that may have been a little much, but you get the idea.

If you’re a football fan then you won’t want to miss this 1st round.






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