2018 NFL Predictions

It’s about that time again. The NFL Preseason is right around the corner and that means it’s prediction time. Who goes to the playoffs? Super Bowl? Over/under on number of porn stars Garoppolo is seen with this season? Ok forget the last one. Let’s cover at least the first 2 though.

State of the AFC

The AFC is wide open for the first time in a good while. There’s only 3 really good teams in the AFC. The Pats, Steelers, and Jags are going to go deep, but even the Jags are stuck with the almighty Blake Bortles at QB. The AFC West is wide open with the Chiefs being hamstrung by Andy Reid. The Chargers are going to be pretty decent, but their offense may be a little suspect if Phillip Rivers finally remembers he has been in the league for 14 years. The AFC is going to be all over the place this year.

State of the NFC

The NFC is going to be an absolute blast this season. There’s probably more great teams than there even are bad ones. The NFC East and South are going to be dogfights between 2 or more teams. The NFC West and North are going to be pretty great too. Picking a team to go deep from the NFC is going to be tough. There are 5 loaded teams in the NFC (Eagles, Saints, Falcons, Rams, Vikings). There may only be 1 in the AFC (Jags). Throw a dart in the NFC and you’ll hit a Super Bowl caliber team.

Playoff Predictions

Alright let’s pick some division winners since I simultaneously triggered the Patriots and Steelers fan bases by saying the Jags have a better roster than them.

AFC Division Winners & Wild Card Teams

AFC East:

Patriots (duh) 12-4

AFC North:

Steelers 11-5

AFC South:

Jaguars 12-4

Wild Card: Texans 10-6

AFC West:

Chargers 11-5

Wild Card: Chiefs 10-6

NFC Division Winners & Wild Card Teams

NFC East:

Eagles 13-3

NFC North:

Vikings 12-4

NFC South:

Saints 12-4

Wild Card: Falcons 11-5

NFC West:

Rams 12-4

Wild Card: 49ers 11-5

Super Bowl Prediction

Picking a NFC team is going to be damn near impossible, but let’s give it a shot.

Rams vs. Jaguars

Rams 31 – Jags 24

Yea I’m trusting Blake Bortels. That roster is absolutely stacked though. Anything less than the AFC Divisional round is a big disappointment for that Jags team. The Rams also are absolutely loaded on both sides of the ball. Their front 4 may be one of the best lines ever assembled. Put any of the 5 NFC teams mentioned above in that NFC slot though and I’d only be shocked by the 49ers. That conference is stacked. Happy NFL season!

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