Bob Castellini Strikes Again

Many fans have been wondering aloud over the past year or so as to why the Reds rebuild seems to be never ending. They wonder why we trade some players but let one or two go for nothing when they really should have been the ones getting traded. If this season has shown us anything though, it’s that one man may be responsible for all of the front office issues. His name? Bob Castellini.

Bob C seems to lack one of the most important traits that the owner of a pro baseball team needs, and that is patience. He wants us to win games, but develop young, raw talent at the same time. Matt Harvey was recently put on revocable waivers and claimed by the Brewers. The Brewers definitely could use an extra starter as they try and make their push to the postseason. They were the perfect trade partner for a Matt Harvey deal. Then this happened:

Were the Brewers low balling the Reds hoping they’d dump Harvey for nothing or close to it? Possibly. The problem? The Reds should have taken it.

Matt Harvey’s agent is world renowned pain Scott Boras. The guy who every team in every major sports league hates working with. He’s the guy who tries to get the biggest contract possible because that means he gets as much money as possible. The Reds are a small market team who have only given big contracts to Votto (he deserves it) and Homer Bailey (a warning sign?). Getting Harvey to sign a team friendly 2 or 3 year deal is going to be almost impossible. Only if Harvey really wants to stay here and is willing to rein Boras in do the Reds even have the beginnings of a chance.

Castellini single-handedly may have stopped the Reds from getting anything in the Mesoroco trade. He is quickly becoming the worst owner in the city that has a team owned by Mike Brown. His favoritism and meddling ways are getting in the way of actual progress, and stopping the Reds from actually finishing this rebuild.

Oh and one more thing, Castellini reportedly “loves” Riggleman too.


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