Hue Jackson Won’t Save the Bengals

hue jackson and marvin lewis

The writing is on the wall. Several key players have gone down with injuries, and Marvin Lewis is once again on the hottest seat in the league. The problem though? The man rumored to take his job has no chance to save this team. Hue Jackson is the ultimate holding pattern choice for the Cincinnati Bengals that isn’t outright bringing Marvin back. We already have seen what he did with the Bengals’ offense, and we are seeing what he is doing with the defense. (Hint: it’s not much). Hue is a player coach. He is a safe coach. He isn’t going to bring the change that this organization so desperately needs. The Bengals require much more than any new coach, they need a new owner.

I have already said it, and many other people have said it, but Mike Brown is a horrible owner. Mike Brown thinks he is Jerry Jones. He calls all the shots at the end of the day for the Bengals. Paul Brown Stadium is his kingdom and he is its dictator. He is the one who refuses to change the culture of the team by cleaning the coaching house, he is the one who refuses to relinquish personnel decisions because of his ego, and he is the one who refuses to open the pocket book and make some big free agent signings. Draft after draft the Bengals always seem to screw up at least one high end pick. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the Bengals’ first round picks since 2012:

  • 2012: Dre Kirkpatrick Pro Football Focus Grade: 60.9
  • 2012: Kevin Zeitler PFF: 74 (no longer with the team)
  • 2013: Tyler Eifert PFF: 72.2 (perpetually injured)
  • 2014: Darqueze Dennard PFF: 60
  • 2015: Cedric Ogbuehl PFF: 51.9
  • 2016: William Jackson III PFF: 67
  • 2017: John Ross PFF: 57.2
  • 2018: Billy Price PFF: 52.5 (rookie)

The Bengals’ drafts in recent history have been ok at best. The best draft pick has been Joe Mixon (PFF: 72.2) in recent history. 

Changing coaches will not save this team. Hue Jackson DEFINITELY won’t save it. Mike Brown needs to be removed or take a massive step back if the Bengals are going to be relevant anytime soon. The kingdom needs to burn before it can be rebuilt. Bengals fans deserve better, and i’m not even one. They need to empty PBS and make Mike Brown hurt. If he threatens to move the team? Let him. This city has a massive football core that will bring another one in. One that hopefully is run by someone who appears to care. 

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