Who Will Coach the Bengals Next?

The more apt title for this post may actually be ‘Who Wants to Coach the Bengals Next?’ with the news that Josh McDaniels declined the Bengals’ interview offer, but we will work under the assumption that an NFL team can usually go after who they want (even when Mike Brown is the owner). The Bengals are in a very precarious position right now with definite talent on the offensive side of the ball, but an aging defense that was almost the worst defense in NFL history this past season. Whoever they go after will need to be able to potentially work through a rebuild on at least one side of the ball.

Nonetheless though, these are my 5 most likely candidates to coach the Cincinnati Bengals:

Josh McDaniels

Off to a fast start aren’t we? McDaniels was my top pick for the job, but then news came out today that he declined the interview. Yikes. Not a good luck for the Bengals. Guess I gotta cover 6 potential candidates.

Mike McCarthy

McCarthy isn’t my top pick for the job, but he does has a Super Bowl win, and that at least warrants a look. He year in and year out has big time clock management issues though, and his play calling can be extremely erratic too. He also benefited from having prime Aaron Rodgers as his QB, and that would make any coach look good. I’m pretty sure even Marvin Lewis would have won a Super Bowl with Prime Rodgers.

Zac Taylor

If the Bengals want to follow the current trend of head coaches that are having success in the NFL, then this is the guy to go after. Taylor is one of the hottest candidates for a reason. He’s young and can relate to players, is a bright offensive mind, and is working under possibly the best head coach in the league. He even managed to somehow turn Ryan Tannehill into a competent NFL QB. He’s going to get a head coaching gig somewhere soon.

Hue Jackson


*Dodges tomatoes*

Yea we better cover Mike Brown’s favorite candidate. Hue at the very least is an innovative offensive mind, but as a leader of men we have seen him struggle. A lot. More so than any other coach in NFL history (not joking). I’m not sugar coating it, the Bengals CAN’T hire Hue Jackson. They will risk driving away an entire generation of fans if they hire him. The fact he even got an interview is shocking, and I pray it was just because Marvin recommended him. Hue is the ultimate more-of-the-same move that Mike Brown would make. Someone needs to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Gregg Williams

If the Browns are complete idiots (always in play), and don’t hire Gregg Williams as their next HC then this is a possibility for the Bengals. Williams has shown to be a very energetic coach that connects well with his players, and may be the one defensive minded coach that the Bengals should look at. He gave a ton of energy to a Browns team that constantly seemed one step away for the first half of the season. He definitely deserves a look for that.

Eric Bieniemy

After the season Patrick Mahomes had it should be no shocker that this guy is possibly the hottest coaching candidate in the league. Bieniemy fits the new age offensive mold perfectly, but also has been around for a little while and paid his dues. His OC work turned the 2018 Chiefs into one of the best offenses in NFL history, and Mahomes into possibly the next all world QB.

If the Bengals land any of these candidates that aren’t Hue Jackson, I think the fans will be happy. The issue though is that the problem with the Bengals isn’t the coach. It’s the owner. Until that issue is solved one way or another the Bengals even with a a great coach will struggle to draft well and bring in top free agents. Marvin Lewis was just a symptom of the disease that plagues this franchise.

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