Super Bowl LIII Preview & Prediction

Another year ends with the Patriots once again in the Super Bowl. I actually just about nailed the final score in their loss to the Eagles last year, but will this year be different? Can Brady pull one more Super Bowl out in his amazing career? Let’s go over what he and the Pats will need to do to make it happen.

Feed the Bulldog

The Patriots have to get Sony Michel going early and often in they want to win this game. The Rams’ defense is dead last in yards per rushing attempt allowed (5.1), and 23rd in rushing yards allowed overall. Michel and Burkhead should have an absolute field day on the ground, and should have a good shot at keeping the Rams’ offense on the sideline. Doing this worked well against the Chiefs, and even though the Chiefs were still able to put up a lot of points, the Rams, as good as their offense is, aren’t the Chiefs. This Patriots defense is also a bit better this season over last season. If Todd Gurley is still injured then the Rams may very well be forced to go one dimensional if C.J. Anderson is shut down by the Patriots’ solid run defense. The odds certainly may not be in the Rams’ favor.

Goff’s Biggest Test Yet

Like I just mentioned above, this game may very well be all on Goff to win for the Rams. C.J. Anderson has played great for the Rams since being picked up, but the Patriots are very strong against the run, and are in the bottom half of the league in pass defense. Goff and the Rams have to spread this Patriots defense out and hit the slots early and often. If they can do that and work the run in from some 4 WR sets then they should be able to beat the Patriots up front. The Pats will be forced to rotate out their run stoppers for extra DBs, and C.J. Anderson will be able to bowl them over. The Rams definitely have to go pass first in their game plan though, but that could end up playing into the Patriots’ hands.

The biggest deciding factor in this game is going to be Todd Gurley. If he is able to get 20 touches then this game is going to be heavily in the Rams’ favor. He can catch out of the backfield and runs harder than any RB we’ve seen in a long time. He would fit perfectly into a scheme that spreads out the Patriots’ defense. Sean McVay claims he is healthy, but I’m not buying it. Even if he struggled a bit early against the Saints, he is the best all around back in the league. I think he gets 10-15 touches in this Super Bowl, and that is incredibly optimistic.

The Matchup


Advantage: Patriots


If Gurley Gets 15+ Touches

Advantage: Rams

If Gurley Gets 10 or Less Touches

Advantage: Patriots

Special Teams

Advantage: Rams

The Pick

Patriots 34 Rams 31

Too much Sony Michel and too little Todd Gurley. The Rams’ run defense is going to get exposed by the three headed monster that is the Patriots’ rushing attack. Throw in some Brady, Gronk, and Edelman and it’s going to be too much for the Rams to handle. The Patriots have the line that can slow down the Rams’ pass rush while also getting holes for Michel. Brady may not even need to throw 30 times in this one if things go well. Expect the Patriots to exact some revenge for last year, and for Brady to probably ride off into the sunset.

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