Jeff’s First 11 Picks of the 2019 NFL Draft

Hey look, I only have to do 11 picks this year since the Bengals are back to sucking! In all seriousness though this draft is almost the complete opposite of last year’s in terms of top tier talent. Yea sure, 3 or 4 QBs may go in the top 10 picks like last year, but the QB depth just isn’t there like last season. I would say let’s get to the easiest first overall pick ever, but I missed that pick last season so….yea…..

1. Kyler Murray QB to Cardinals

Yea the Cardinals seem out on Josh Rosen, and with the bass ackwards hiring of “QB Guru” Kliff Kingsbury as HC you know he wants his own QB. Good luck Kyler, you’re gonna need it.

2. Nick Bosa DE to 49ers

The 49ers were poised to make a ton of noise last season until Garappolo’s knee decided it wanted to stop living. The 49ers are a way better team than this, and Nick Bosa should fill the one hole they still have on defense. Poor Kyler Murray.

3. Quinnen Williams DT to Jets

Get ready for Chucky to make his move. I doubt the Cards or 49ers trade back, but the Jets definitely could, and the Raiders are salivating at the thought of potentially picking in back to back spots. If the Jets stay put then this is the pick they definitely make. Williams is a monster from Alabama, and any DT from Bama should go high in the draft.

4. Drew Lock QB to Raiders

HEEEERRREEE’SSSS CHUCKYYYYYY!!! To be honest I think either Haskins or Lock could go here, but Lock’s stock has been going through the roof with many analysts even having him over Kyler Murray as the top QB prospect. Gruden wants his QB, and he’s going to get one.

5. Zach Allen DE/DT to Buccaneers

The Bucs still desperately need defense, and Zach Allen may be the most flexible defensive lineman in the draft. He can be moved around and is an absolute athletic freak. The Bucs gotta go defense here or trade back.

6. Dwayne Haskins QB to Giants

The Giants absolutely HAVE to take a QB here. Yes this is a very heavy defensive draft, but the Giants’ biggest need is at QB. No way they pass up Lock or Haskins. If they trade back then Dave Gettleman deserves to be fired into the Sun.

7. Jonah Williams OT to Jaguars

The Jags could go many different ways with this pick, but the top OT in the draft out of Alabama seems to be the most reliable spot. The Jags need help everywhere on offense to support Nick Foles, and giving him a great lineman will do fine.

8. A.J. Brown WR to Lions

If there’s a pick that could be traded besides the #3 pick it’s this one. The Lions have a ton of holes to fill, and if Haskins or Lock are still on the board here then get ready. Otherwise the Lions could definitely use some WR help for Stafford, and A.J. Brown could provide it.

9. Ed Oliver DT to Bills

If A.J. Brown is still around then the Bills take him for sure. I anticipate the Lions snagging him out from under the Bills though, and Ed Oliver would be the next best bet for Buffalo.

10. Daniel Jones QB to Broncos

John Elway is desperate for his next QB, and Joe Flacco isn’t long for this NFL. The Broncos are a prime candidate to trade up and try and snag Lock or Haskins, but in this mystical scenario I’m writing where there aren’t trades this is the guy they take.

11. Devin White LB to Bengals

I don’t predict trades, but the Bengals are another prime trade up candidate to try and snag a QB. The Raiders, Giants, and Broncos all want one, and Zac Taylor is going to want his as well. I think the right move is to wait a year though. This draft just doesn’t have the top tier QB talent to replace Andy Dalton, and that 2018 Bengals defense was horrendous. Let Zac Taylor see what he can do with Dalton, and take another look at QB prospects next season.

I expect this first round to be a bit tamer than last season due to the lack of QB talent, but you never know with the way the NFL is trending nowadays. Everyone wants their own QB guru, and the already sky high value of QBs is getting even higher. Get ready for Gruden and Elway to blow up the top 10 picks of this draft.

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